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What are the best productivity tools?
Hi guys,Let’s start with some interesting facts:“Over 70% of Evernote users say that Evernote makes them more successful by helping them centralize, organize, access everything they need on any device.Calendly is a tool that streamlines multiple calendars and presents a customized personal link that can be shared with anyone to make appointments.”“The old saying of, “There’s an app for that,” often rings true, especially for millennials. While there may be an app for everything you’re trying to do, the real question is which ones will make you most productive in crushing your New Year goals?Thankfully there are a few tools that will propel your business and personal life to another level of productivity. I’ve compiled some of the best tools or apps to save you time and manage your work more effectively, along with input on how they work.(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)Evernote“Evernote acts as a digital workspace, organizing all your content across all your devices,” said Joshua Zerkel, Director of Global Community at Evernote. “ Over 70% of Evernote users say that Evernote makes them more successful by helping them centralize, organize, access everything they need on any device. With Evernote, it’s easy to take notes, clip content from any source (offline or online), collect files, find information, and share information—focusing on the knowledge rather than the file type.”The days of the paper planner are quickly fading and should be replaced with something far more functional than the notes app on your iPhone. Evernote makes content instantly available across all of your devices, so you can continue working whether you’re on the go with your phone or parked in front of your computer.“As an entrepreneur I come with related and unrelated ideas 24/7,” said Stephen Alred Jr., Founder of Ignite Financial, a nextgen financial startup serving millennials. “Most of the ideas are failures but one may be something worth exploring further. Having it sync across all of my devices is a Godsend and allows me to be 3-5x more productive in my endeavors than other fast-movers that I know.”Burner“Burner is a mobile app that lets you create phone numbers on demand, use them for however long you choose and then ‘burn’ or dispose of them when you no longer want to be contacted,” shared Greg Cohn, CEO of Burner. “There are various features in addition to voice, text and picture messaging layered on top of the numbers, including sharing numbers on social networks without risking personal privacy, personalized voicemail messages, VoIP capabilities, text auto-replies, and a number of advanced privacy and productivity features.”There are plenty of scenarios in which you would need a burner number, whether for business or personal. This app makes it quick and easy to make a temporary communication without worry of having an information trail. It could even make a millennial’s dating life a bit more secure.“Burner also created a clever solution to the tough problems seen within millennial dating culture,” continued Cohn. “Ghostbot is an auto-responding SMS bot that when activated, will automatically handle aggressive texts from those who can't take a hint until the conversation peters out.”Hound“Hound responds to users’ voice queries and gives them fast and accurate results for what they request, including local weather forecasts, finding a local coffee shop that matches specific criteria, searching and playing music, and much more,” said Katie McMahon, GM of Hound. “Users can voice their requests naturally as if they were speaking to a person — no keyword-based prompts or phrases needed — and can follow up to refine their results and get more done, faster.”If you’ve always wanted an assistant to get your requests answered, Hound may be your answer. Smarter than your average Siri, Hound takes it a step further to help you make bookings and take action on requests made.“The technology that powers Hound includes Speech-to-Meaning (TM) technology and advanced AI technology created by SoundHound Inc.,” continued McMahon. “This technology enables features that are truly differentiated, including the ability to speak naturally and conversationally. With Hound, you can also ask long and complex queries, like, “OK Hound, please show me hotels in San Francisco that are pet friendly and have a pool and free WiFi and are under $300 a night” and get results in seconds, decreasing the time it takes to book your next trip.”This was an article that I found on Forbes and really wanted to share with you, since, in my opinion, it gives the needed answer to your question.However, I think that the editors missed one great new tool - Futurenda.I consider it a great tool for organizing your tasks and managing your time. This AI based app will manage a dynamic agenda based on your tasks and events, automatically. Moreover, if you for example, take a break, Futurenda will keep an eye on your deadlines and adjust your agenda accordingly.One thing I really like about this app is that you can get an estimation of when tasks can be completed according to agenda, to better adjust your work load. Sounds good, doesn’t it?Hope I helped!
What are the best productivity tools on the web?
What does productivity mean to you? We’re all expert procrastinators whether we like to admit it or not, the digital age has created an abundance of distractions that can keep you from focusing on important things, all day long if it comes down to it. Even the subject of productivity tools comes down to a single factor — it’s all designed for mental discipline training, because even though these tools exist and they’re useful to be more disciplined at your work, they’ll only be as good as the user himself.For: All-In-One OrganizationProofHubProofHub lets you stay in ultimate control of your projects, remote teams and clients even when you are on the go. Aside from giving team member the ability to manage and collaborate projects in real-time, the other big reason for choosing ProofHub is its super simple and brings everything under one roof. ProofHub is as simple as you want it to be (clean UI, to-do lists, project planning, group chat, review deign files, project reporting), but also as advanced as they sometimes need it to be (assign custom roles, white labeling. multilingual, time tracking, private tasks, complex multi-milestone projects, large remote team, n number of tasks).For: Social Media MastermindsBufferBuffer makes it extraordinarily easy to share web articles via social media without headache and hassle. Simply log into Buffer, connect social media accounts, and schedule specific content sharing times. When you’re out and about surfing the web and see an article you know your followers will love, hit the Buffer bookmarklet button and Buffer will throw that article into your queue, which it will then share at one of your designated share times.Buffer helps promote great content across the web and helps you store and share content so you don’t cram articles down the throats of your followers all at once.IFTTTIFTTT, standing for If This Then That, lets you craft “recipes” that allow for various apps and services to connect and work together. For example, I can create an IFTTT recipe that automatically uploads my Instagram photos to my Google Drive account. Create awesome integration with zero programming experience! If you can think it, you can IFTTT it.IFTTT can be utilized in endless combinations, and not just with regards to social media. However, social media users will find this an essential tool in their social shed.For: CopywritingODesk / ELanceSometimes the best man for the job is someone who is not you. Heck, probably pretty often the best man for the job isn’t you. Maybe because you aren’t even a man, maybe you’re a carrot. Who knows?If you need to get going with blogging content (and trust me, you do, because everyone does), then ODesk and ELance are decent places to start.These sites are free to sign up with, then you provide them with 10% of each payment per project. Alternatively, scour LinkedIn for freelancers. Usually you can get a decent assessment of a freelancer’s skill level by checking out their profile and doing a little digging. Whichever path you take, just remember that copy can’t be done single-handedly, so don’t be afraid to hire out some help.HemingwayBack when I was compiling a list of the best content marketing tools, one WordStream commenter (thanks Nicole!) made a suggestion of trying out Hemingway – it’s a great little tool that checks your grammar and highlights potential sentence danger zones as you write. Give it a type!For: News & Blog JunkiesPodkickerIf you’re a podcast addict, you’ll want a podcast app to help you organize your subscriptions. I’ve been using Podkicker for years and really enjoy its simple, easy-to-use interface. It’s free, but you can also update to Podkicker Pro (to get rid of ads) for $2.PocketPocket is a sweet little app that lets you save awesome content (articles, images, videos, etc.) to check out later.Picture this: you’re surfing around researching and see a fun article about the all-time best Pokemon (Arcanine, duh). Hit the Pocket button in your bookmark toolbar and the article will go straight to your Pocket. Pocket syncs across devices so you that later on you can read those fun articles and watch YouTube videos of mini pot-bellied pigs during the train ride home.
What are the most effective team collaboration tools for effective project management?
We all know that project management involves a collection of tasks. The scope of the project defines its time, cost, communications, human resources, etc., to successfully accomplish the set target. To achieve this, there is an utmost need of an effective team collaboration tool to keep the teams updated on each task.We have a couple of team messaging software in the market which ensures the best user experience while communicating across the teams.Few of them are listed below:Troop Messenger“Team collaboration like never before....” is what it says.This team messaging tool is very simple to understand and easy to use for any novice user. On its every version release, it comes with power-packed feature updates to extensively support the basic chat functionality. Users can access Troop messenger from Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Web, Android and iOS. The team recently had released the features of Audio Messaging, Favourite groups, Mute Conversations, and with few other enhancements in their last release in May’2019.FlockAn another application which addresses the same space is Flock. This application is cross-platform enabled where the users can use it on various operating systems. Despite the user interface aesthetics looks good, but the left pane of the home page seems little confusing to the users. The best part is where you can see the Google drive on the UI for all file retrievals and back-up.SlackSlack brings teams together is what it says to the world. This application lets you integrate more than 1500 apps into it to provide seamless office chat experience.
What is the best address book app?
Technically, scrubly does not "sync" between a smartphone and a computer, it just lets you clean up your existing contacts.If you are asking for "mobile" contact management where you sync between your smartphone and your computer, you need a 3rd party service such as:GoogleSoocialPlaxoFunambolHotmail (if on Windows Phone)If you are looking for contact management from multiple services (otherwise known as Contact Resource Management, or CRM), where you can access them from anywhere, I would go with  They have apps for:iPhoneAndroidBlackberry (RIM recently bought them)OutlookGmailThey offer the most complete online address book service, and use the OpenSocial Graph to even pull in additional information about your contacts that you didn't know existed.  And it is free.  The downside is that it is import only, not bi-directional sync and if you change information for a contact on one of your services, it doesn't update on gist, it just adds it as extra information.  you have to manually go in there to remove the old data.  While I like that because it offers me more control, it can sometimes get tedious. If you are willing to pay, there is the Plaxo Personal Assistant Service which offers similar features, but does on look for multiple social networking sites or blog RSS feeds.Hope this helps.
What do I need when I release apps for Android in China? Do I need anything except for APK file? For example, signature. Furthermore, does each app store require an original signature for only them or something?
To release Android apps in China, you will need to submit the following documentation:Localized App APKCustomized App IconsIn-App ScreenshotsLocalized App Name & DescriptionBusiness RegistrationPhotocopy of Passport (Business Registration Holder)Chinese SIM CardSigned Individual App Store Development Statement/Claim Guarantee LetterDepending on the app store, you may also be required to submit a Chinese Software Copyright Certificate.Here’s a more detailed breakdown on what you need to publish your app in China: Info Hub - App Publishing in China.